Just thinking to myself.

Talking about my passions gives me such much of a rush! Ran into my aunt and her friend at the grocery store today, she went to the Art Academy in San Francisco, although she doesn’t do fashion, and I want to attend the fashion Institute of design and merchandising…we talked about fashion and art coming together without skipping a beat! Random times like that make me realize how badly I need to be in fashion school and how much I truly love it!
I know my company has not been updated, I’ve had the same shirts for quite a while. I have hundreds of designs just waiting to be printed… But I am a full-time college student and currently in between jobs. I take every cent of money that I make from every shirt, and put it back into the business! I don’t pocket anything, my goal is to create positivity and love and to make fun shirts that everyone will want to wear! My next upcoming design will be a unisex shirt, a bit more rock ‘n roll. Wanting to go for a New look! Spice things up a bit! With that said, I need to sell about 10 more shirts, then I will be able to get the new one printed and up on the website! Please tell your friends and family to check out my sale, everything is half off! If you don’t see your size, write me on any network and I will get back to you (I might just have it!) 
You guys are the ones that keep me inspired and keep the company going! Every single post means the world to me! Don’t know what I would do without you XO